A bit of history

When the company was founded in 1919 as "Standard Separator GmbH", the term "Standard" meant a mandatory quality level. "Standard" was synonymous to "benchmark". This still characterises the company image of the "Standard-Metallwerke GmbH" in Werl.

Metall works plant in Hönnewerth around 1835

entry in the land register  The metal works plant Hönnewerth in the year 1835. Next to the chimney one can spot the water wheel that impelled the machines.

Based in Menden the company was first named "Standard Separator GmbH" and produced hand driven centrifuge separators for the milk farmers. Till today the region hosts several tube drawing companies. In 1921 the company moved to Werl and extended their product portfolio to blood separators, butter machines and fodder preparing units.

During wars and crises the company struggled but survived and the "Wirtschaftswunder" period opened for the "Standard" new markets and chances. With the strategy decision in the 1950s to concentrate on tube drawing and new era begun.


Some important dates:

1919  Founded as Standard Separator company
1956  Taken over by Dr. Horst Ulmke
1957  New construction Plant 3aerial photo1959  New construction Plant 4
1963  New construction Plant 5
1997  Take-over Plant 2
1998  New construction Plant 6
2001  New construction logistics center
2004  Expansion Plant 2
2005  New construction central workshop
2007  Renovation administrative building
2009  New Owner: Mr Johann Erich Wilms


100 years SWW

100Jahre Standard-Metallwerke GmbH  SWW