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S-LIFE® – aluminium tubes

The Long-Life Aluminum-Alloy of Standard-Metallwerke GmbHS-Life aluminium tube corrosions comparison

The rising requirements of corrosion resistance aluminium alloys especially in the automotive world the need for a long-life tube came up . Standard-Metallwerke developed the S-Life® aluminium tube. Extraordinary results in corrosion tests, e.g. the SWAAT test according to ASTM G85 A3, qualify S-Life® aluminium tubes for all areas where high corrosion resistance is a necessity but at the same time a good formability is required.


In the ASTM G85 A3 test (SWAAT) the S-Life® aluminium tube shows a 4x longer corrosion resistance against pitting corrosions than tubes made from normal EN-AW3003/EN-AW3103 aluminium (see comparison after a 80 days in the test chamber).


As part of the 3000 alloy family S-Life® aluminium tubes offer the same good forming, brazing and bending properties which makes a change of material rather easy.


Our S-Life® Long-life alloy for drawn aluminium tubes, due to its unique chemical composition and its outstanding fabrication, stands for:

  • very good corrosion resistance, especially against pitting corrosion
  • extraordinary performance in SWAAT test
  • good thermal conduction    


Material characteristics / mechanical characteristics:

  • highly bendable
  • highly formable
  • several conditions of hardness   


You can buy S-Life® aluminium re-drawn tubes in coils, random length or cut to fix length in several different hardness conditions.


For more information please review the data sheet S-Life aluminium tubes.

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